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The experience of the leading agrarian countries shows that the real way to reduce the loss of humus in soils and to improve their fertility, which does not require large financial expenditures, is to increase the efficiency of using crop residues that remain on the fields after harvesting. In these countries, crop residues (stubble, weed stalks, straws) are crushed by special machines - choppers. They not only cut crop residues, but also crushed into particles up to 15 cm in length and evenly spread them throughout the field.

After such grinding, plant residues are reliably covered with a layer of soil when it is processed with disk tools, which are now widely used by our farmers. As a result, the decomposition of plant residues in anaerobic conditions and effective enrichment of the soil with organic matter is provided.

Now, in most of our farms, corn, sunflower and rapeseed stubble, which is 40 cm high, is not fully wrapped in plows. Roll straw is generally impossible to wrap. Therefore, they are often burned, which means that a large amount of organic matter is lost and the useful microflora is destroyed.


Therefore, we offer the mulcher (chopper plant residues) TIERRE of various widths.

Main characteristics of the mulcher TIERRE TRL / P 500:

--- Transmission with freewheel mechanism;

--- Height adjustable support skis;

--- V-belt toothed belts;

--- The rotor is mounted on spherical two-row roller bearings;

--- Electric balancing of the rotor;

--- The diameter of the rotor 194 mm;

--- Cutting speed - 60m / s;

--- Automatic hydraulic lock for road transport;

--- Working width - 4910 mm;

--- GDP - 1000r / min;

--- Tractor power - 150 hp.;

--- Weight - 2323 kg.


Mulcher for stinging and crushing stumps

TIERRE Orsa Super 220

Currently, in absolutely all regions of Ukraine, there is a huge number of abandoned gardens, which for decades have not been processed and, of course, are no longer fruitful.

On paper, it is high-yielding land, and in fact only losses.

What shall we do?

Of course roger!

But in which way?

This is the main question. Usually this is done as follows:

  • Bulldozer, excavator, unlimited work force, chainsaws and tractors.
  • As well a small "sea" of diesel fuel.
  • In total - 5-10 hectares a month (in the best case), pits with depth to the belt and a mountain of stumps and roots, which still need to be somehow disposed of.

From the advantages - firewood for heating and on this pluses are over.

What is the way out?

TIERRE Orsa Super 220 mowing machine!

The TIERRE Orsa Super 220, a forest universal mulcher, can fully turn up to 2 hectares of garden per 1 working shift.

The ORSA mulcher does it as follows:

- The first pass - the logging and shredding of trees 25-30 cm in diameter above the surface of the soil. In this case, the tractor moves reversed.

- The second pass is a entering into the soil at a depth of 15 cm and more (depending on the type of soil), crushing stumps, roots and stones.

After these two operations - it is already possible to start working with a plow, a harrow and even a seeder.

That is, having 1 tractor (150 hp), 1 mulcher TIERRE Orsa Super 220 (working width 220 cm) and one worker, in 30 days it is possible to completely prepare up to 60 hectares of area.

There are no holes in the field, no mountains of sting and roots. Minimal fuel and wage costs.


Transport width: 2850 mm;

height: 1622 mm;

Working width: 2200 mm;

Tractor power: 150-160 hp 118kW;

GDP: 1000rpm;

--Fixed and centered mechanism of the coupling;

-- gearbox with oil bath with dual wheel;

-- Belt belts;

-- Electric balancing rotor;

-- Diameter of rotor 600 mm;

-- Speed ​​cutting speed 52 m / s;

-- 3 series of counter knives;

-- Protective chains.



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